Phytolith Production Tables

As part of planning for the PFE project, in November 1997 Deborah Pearsall reviewed available data on phytolith production in monocotyledons (exclusive of grasses), dicotyledons, and gymnosperms, and created tables to convey general patterns of phytolith production by order, family, and genus. Occurrences of phytoliths were coded as in the original publications (codes are explained at the bottom of the dicotyledon table; references are denoted by the number(s) following each genus name). These tables were not exhaustive; older literature was not consulted, and publications were undoubtedly missed. The tables have not been updated from the current literature. However, in 2005 a similar compilation was made of plants studied to that point in the PFE project; these data can be viewed in the Flora of Ecuador table.

How to cite the phytolith production tables:

Pearsall, Deborah M. "The Phytoliths in the Flora of Ecuador Project: Phytolith Production Tables." []