Order Tables

Phytolith production was studied in a wide range of taxa during the Phytoliths in the Flora of Ecuador project. Data were first compiled in 2005; this table is called Flora of Ecuador Summary, 3/2005. A second compilation was begun in 2008 to include plant taxa and tissues studied later in the project, as well as data from plants studied prior to the project, and not included in the 2005 compilation. Three of these updated tables are now available (Dilleniidae Malvales, Magnoliidae, Zingiberidae). A list of abbreviations used in the tables is at the bottom of the first column. Type numbers follow the MU Phytolith Classification System.

How to cite the Order Tables:
Pearsall, Deborah M. "The Phytoliths in the Flora of Ecuador Project: Order Tables." []